Speaking & Facilitation

John has delivered keynotes, facilitated workshops, orchestrated conferences, and coached leaders on six continents, engaging such topics as personal engagement, authentic leadership, and holistic generosity.  

He has worked with audiences ranging from 5 to 5,000 in businesses, universities, non-profits, and faith communities to accelerate the great work they are doing. 

Most frequent feedback heard from clients includes: “Great storyteller”, “Immediately actionable content”, “Unforgettable”, and “Fun.” Conference organizers, staff and event planners love John because he is “Low maintenance!”

Keynote Speaking
Workshop Facilitation
Executive Life Coaching
Conference Orchestration

Keynote Speaking

John's thought-provoking style weaves a distinct blend of inspiring storytelling, honest dialogue and practical advice into compelling keynotes that catalyze audiences and organizations to act. 

Clients served include: Medtronic, Mayo Clinic, Thrivent Financial, PwC, CommonSpirit Health, Morgan Stanley, Kingdom Advisors, Ameriprise Financial, and Boston Children's Hospital.


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Workshop Facilitation

Instead of "Sit, stay, heel" learning in workshops, John practices an inside-out approach, believing that the essential wisdom frequently resides in the participants and is best drawn out through perceptive and engaging facilitation.

John's groundbreaking Leadership Studios curate inspiring environments, subject matter expertise and experiential service learning into a transformational developmental journey for leaders desiring to steward their life and leadership with wisdom and intent.

Clients served include: Duke Corporation Education, CommonSpirit Health, National Football League, Thrivent Financial, NGL, Halftime Institute,  Weyerhaeuser Company, True North Equity Partners and CJ Corporation of South Korea. 


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Executive-Life Coaching

Coaching is facilitating the discovery of and then commitment to call out the excellence within another person through the power of insightful questions, compassionate listening, and courageous accountability.

Because of the personal and intensive nature of 1:1 coaching, John only engages 5 clients at a time, and only in the context of covenant client relationships.

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Conference Orchestration

A truly great conference weaves inspiring keynotes, practical breakout sessions and enjoyable social time into a vibrant whole cloth. Pulling that all together takes skillful orchestration that is agile, engaging, and prepared.

John works with organizations, event organizers, keynote speakers and presenters to co-create memorable events that catalyze sustainable growth and performance.

Clients served include: Thrivent Financial, National Christian Foundation, Generous Giving, Duke Corporate Education, PwC.


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