Inviting God's Spirit Into Your Overwhelmed Life

"Gasping for Breath is alive with hope, an invitation to a journey of recovering your breath and learning to breathe deeply of the same Spirit that breathed life into Adam's nostrils. 

It's a breath of fresh air."

FR. Richard Rohr, OFM, Founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation, Author of Falling Upward and Everything Belongs.

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do less, be more

The Life-Changing Power of Focus

"John Busacker weaves together inspiring, personal stories with practical success principles that give hope and courage to pursue one's values. do less, be more Is a compelling call to live a focused and generous lief that makes a difference."

Jonathan T.M. Reckford, CEO, Habitat for Humanity International

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Dare to answer


8 Questions That Awaken Your Faith

"So often Christians have thought It is our job to defend the truth through well-thought-through biblical arguments. John's thoughtful writings have offered a new paradigm that allows for questions and not answers to be the primary posture of a believer."

Kurt Vickman, Founder, Good Grocer

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Inspiring Generosity


Stories of Faith and Grace in Art

"This collaborative project invites the reader to engage with forty objects from the Thrivent Collection of Religious Art by offering an art historical background, a deeper look at the theological significance related to each artwork and providing a reflection on the contemporary and personal relevance of the messages portrayed."

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Connecting through Podcasts

Want a more personal connection to John's messages? Tune into some of his podcasts below. 


Podcast - Beyond the Crucible

Second-Act Significance

John Busacker thought he was having a heart attack when severe chest pains while he was driving home sent him to the emergency room.  But he wasn't dying; he was grieving. That’s what he discovered after a doctor gave him a clean bill of physical health…and he realized he had some work to do on his emotional health. Listen in as John describes how big life changes made him realize he needed to slow down his pace of life and work and how this new pace allows him to come alongside a different breed of client to help them find their true calling and finish well...

Listen here: Beyond the Crucible



The Power of Being over Doing

John Busacker joins Ray Hilbert, host of Bottom Line Faith, to talk about how to get more done, the intent of marketing, and the importance of Sabbath in our life.

Listen here: Truth At Work | Bottom Line Faith



The Humanness Of Entrepreneurship: Stories, Questions & Community

"I’ve always been interested in people’s stories,” says John Busacker, a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. John speaks with Jeff Meyer, host of Move Forward Anyway podcast. They discuss how John began his work as a financial advisor, but how his interest in stories and the “life” parts of financial advising lead him to leadership coaching.

Listen here: YouTube


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